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Progressive GN Sale is on…

Black Friday Sale is over, but this past weekend we started a Progressive Graphic Novel Sale.  All the graphic novels (both hardcover and softcover) in the boxes on the table in the middle of the store will be discounted by 3% more every day until they are 80% off on Saturday December 6.  We are planning to be adding more and more books to the boxes, so check often.  This Wednesday we are adding a large collection of Marvel HCs to the sale table.  Here is the discount structure for those books (on the table only):

November 27 53% OFF
November 28 56% OFF
November 29 59% OFF
November 30 62% OFF
December 1  65% OFF
December 2  68% OFF
December 3  71% OFF
December 4  74% OFF
December 5  77% OFF
December 6  80% OFF

Please remember, only the books on the Table in the middle of the store are on sale. We know which ones they are and how many we have listed on sale.  Have fun bargain shopping.