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Unity #1 LA Release Signing with Exclusive Cover artist Philip Tan!

Collector’s Paradise Pasadena

Saturday, November 16, 4-7 pm (RSVP HERE)

UNITY is Valiant Comics’ new Flagship title. This is the book that will tie their universe together by forcing unlikely alies to gather together to try and stop X-O Manowar, who, in his true barbarian fashion, has carved a piece of Europe for himself and his people.

When we found out that we would have the opportunity to have our own cover, I wanted to do something really special, and went to an Amazing friend of the store, Philip Tan, one of the best artists, and an amazing Cover Artist, to do our cover. Philip’s first sketch blew me away, the full black/white piece knocked my socks off, and once I saw the finished color cover, I could do nothing but stare.

We’ll have on hand tons of all covers to Unity #1, including the awesome Blank Sketch covers.

EXCLUSIVE PRINT, the only way to get the cover art to our cover of Unity #1 , unobscured by logos and other information, only to those at the event who buy Unity #1 (any cover)

FREE QUiCK sketches on blank covers of Unity #1 purchased at the event, by Philip Tan.

On display, original B/W art for Unity #1 Collector’s Paradise exclusive cover, plus original Color art from an unpublished cover to X-O Manowar #5, both by Philip Tan.

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