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Crazy “Mature Readers” KICK ASS Trailer

KICK ASS Promises to be one of the most important and TRUE Comic Book come to live movies this year. Having seen it, I have to agree. The movie will be phenomenal but none of the trailers (Until Now) have reflected how amazing it is going to be. Myspace.com posted a new “red band” trailer […]

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See Collector’s Paradise on MSN’s ULTRADOME

A few weeks ago, on an early Saturday morning (5am) I was at the store waiting for Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES’ Peter Pitrelli) and crew to show up to shoot something cool and secret for MSN’s Parallel Universe site. I did not know exactly what it was, but I knew with Milo it would be cool […]

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The store on Good Day in LA Dec 31

We were just featured on December 31 on Good Day LA in a segment about Winners of the “Best (blank) in LA” contest. The segment is a bit short and it features us and the amazing Cavaretta’s Deli (them first). Kinda neat. Check it out for yourself HERE. Oh, and if you are reading this […]

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