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The Comic Book Flash Mailer is perfect for single issues up to 12 bagged and boarded comics, but can also accommodate trade paperbacks and manga digests. They are constructed of high quality corrugated paper to withstand rough handling during shipment while lightweight to reduce shipping costs. Its innovative one-piece design makes securely packing and shipping comics nearly effortless. Each mailer has multiple perforations on the inner flaps allowing for more versatility while maintaining the secure design.

Product Details
– Innovative design secures and protects comics, TPB’s, and manga digests
– Lightweight high quality material resistant to impact from rough shipping
– Assembled product fits into a USPS Flat Rate Legal Envelope
– Accommodates all common comic book sizes (Golden Age to Current)
– Typically holds up to 12 modern era, bagged & boarded comic books

QUANTITIES larger than 100 are available, please contact us directly at [email protected]

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