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I know you have seen me wearing the “MARK WAID IS EVIL” t-shirt for the last few months, and I am sure some of you have been wondering, “what the hell do you have against Mark Waid?”. Well, actually I don’t have anything AGAINST Waid, as a matter of fact I am a huge fan. […]

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In Brubaker I trust… INCOGNITO

If you come to our store, I am pretty sure you already know that all 3 of us (Joseph, Nick and myself) are pretty huge fans of Ed Brubaker. I know most of you know that I always say that the current run on Captain America is probably one of the best things published right […]

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The store on Good Day in LA Dec 31

We were just featured on December 31 on Good Day LA in a segment about Winners of the “Best (blank) in LA” contest. The segment is a bit short and it features us and the amazing Cavaretta’s Deli (them first). Kinda neat. Check it out for yourself HERE. Oh, and if you are reading this […]

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