It’s been raining, and there has not been a lot of customers showing up, so we decided it was time to clean up  our Graphic Novel section, removing any book (softcovers AND hardcovers) that is over the number of what we want to have in stock. It does not matter if it’s Amazing Spider-Man or Walking Dead, if we have too many copies they go into boxes that are going to be on sale. Think of it as Spring Cleaning in the fall.

We are also doing something different for this sale. Starting tomorrow morning, the books will be on sale, at 50% OFF cover price.  Every day, we’ll add another 3% to the number, so whatever is still there on Thursday will be 53% OFF, and on Friday 57% OFF, and so on until we reach 80% OFF. That will be the end of the sale.  And remember, the higher the discount, the more stuff goes quickly, do not wait.  So discounts will be as follows:

Wednesday  50% OFF

Thursday 53% OFF

Friday 56% OFF

Saturday 59% OFF

Sunday 62% OFF

Monday (next week) 65% OFF

Tuesday (next week) 68% OFF

Wednesday (next week) 71% OFF

Thursday (next week) 74% OFF

Friday (next week) 77% OFF

Saturday and Sunday (next week) 80% OFF

During the week I will be re-evaluating my stock and more books will be added to the sale table, so just because you have stopped by and looked does not mean that there is nothing new there.


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