Collector’s Paradise has partnered up with Comixology to offer you a full selection of comics through our Digital Comic store.  While we firmly believe in the continuing healthy life of regular paper-based comics, but also understand that some of you would like to have digital availability, and because of that, we are proud to offer the Collector’s Paradise / Comixology Partnered Digital Store.

We would like to ask you for one small favor.

Please purchase your Digital Comics through our store, either by clicking on the image link below or by then making the main page of the store a “Favorite” and using it that way.  Through our partnership with Comixology, we get to continue to participate in the financial rewards of your purchases, and this way, continue keeping you as a valued customer.  If you purchase a comic through an IPad, IPod, or IPhone App, we are not involved in the transaction, and a share of the profits goes to Apple instead.  Purchasing through our store, gives some money to a real brick and mortar store that supports this industry by continuing to purchase and sell regular comic books. After purchasing a comic from our online store, you can easily download it to your portable device of choice and play it across all your devices.
We at Collector’s Paradise thank you, for continuing to be our customers, and hope to provide you with our usual excellent level of customer service for years to come.


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