Signature Series: Absolute Power #1-4 +Ground Zero +FCBD, Signed by MARK WAID

DC’s Trinity of Evil—the Brainiac Queen, Failsafe, and Amanda Waller—hold all the cards in their final gambit to eliminate all metahumans in the DC Universe! Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and the rest of the World’s Greatest DC Super Heroes make their last stand in Absolute Power, DC’s can’t-miss blockbuster event of the summer.

Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Edition

Fans can get an early jump on the excitement and intrigue of Absolute Power on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 4, with the Absolute Power 2024 FCBD Special Edition, available at participating comic book shops nationwide (while supplies last). This 32-page one-shot features an original 12-page story by writer and series architect Mark Waid (with art by Mikel Janín), a recap of the events that led up to Absolute Power, plus a sneak preview of Absolute Power #1.

Absolute Power: Ground Zero One Shot

As the DC Universe braces for the Absolute Power onslaught, the key to capturing all metahuman powers on planet Earth will finally be unlocked in this oversize one-shot prelude. Bridging the events of BatmanSuperman, Action Comics, and Suicide Squad: Dream TeamAbsolute Power: Ground Zero #1 brings Amanda Waller’s total dominance to the doorsteps of DC’s Super Heroes, using the combined might of Failsafe, the Brainiac Queen, and the Suicide Squad.

Absolute Power #1-4

The combined powers of Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen have finally given Amanda Waller the ability to capture the powers of every metahuman, whether Super Hero or Super-Villain, on Earth. As chaos erupts in the streets and a massive disinformation campaign sways public opinion, the Suicide Squad commander methodically targets DC’s most powerful Super Heroes and their allies. But despite all that’s facing Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC metahumans, a resistance is forming, with Batman leading the charge.

Commit to and pre-pay for Absolute Power #1-4 + Ground Zero (at Cover Price), and ALL ISSUES will come signed by Mark Waid, plus you will get a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY issued by Collector’s Paradise.

Pre-Order price: $24.99

Approximate Release: October 2, 2024


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