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SIGNATURE SERIES: PALOMINO OGN Signed by Stephan Franck (in stock)


PALOMINO OGN Signed by Creator/Writer/Artist Stephan Franck

Welcome to the B-Side of the City of Angels…

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Welcome to the B-Side of the City of Angels…

The year is 1981. The American Century is running on fumes, but the end isn’t anywhere in sight. The cowboy is still America’s most central symbol—and from movies, to music, to the President himself, it all hails from Southern California.

PALOMINO, the latest graphic novel from creator Stephan Franck, tells the story of ex-cop turned musician Eddie Lang. Eddie has big dreams, but dreams don’t pay the rent. So he reluctantly works as a private investigator to provide for his teenage daughter Lisette. 

Eddie and Lisette share an unbreakable bond and a dry sense of humor, but they are haunted by a terrible loss and the looming shadow of an unsolved crime. The Langs are stuck— but just as their lives seem at be at a stalemate, a new murder case upends their world.


Well hot damn.…  it’s been at least a decade since I’ve taken such unalloyed pleasure in reading a comic book. Trust me on this.”—Howard Chaykin (American Flagg)

Franck’s latest neo-noir graphic-novel PALOMINO reads like a free-flowing gust of pure creativity, all the while unfolding with implacable structure.”—Elsa Charretier (November, Harley Quinn)

A dark, moody piece that’s rife with colorful characters and a killer setting.” —@alex_segura (#TheBlackGhost, the #PeteFernandez Miami Mystery novels)

This is fucking awesome.Tod Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Gangsterland

With page one, Stephan Franck hooked me… More please.”—Shawn Martinbrough (#ThiefofThieves)

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