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DC REBIRTH: Detective Comics 934 Signing with James Tynion IV

DC REBIRTH is a huge event in comics that starts worldwide on May 25th. (read more here)  Collector’s Paradise (both stores) is hosting a Midnight Release Party on May 24th at Midnight. That night you will be able to purchase the first issue, the DC REBIRTH Special, to start your journey through the new DC Universe.  Every new book that is part of DC Rebirth will be re-launching with a #1 issue, EXCEPT for two: Detective Comics and Action Comics, which resume their original Legacy numbering. In the next few months, we will have quite a few Release Signings for many DC Rebirth titles, (follow us on Facebook and you will never miss one) but the FIRST ONE is with a good friend of the store, a new resident of Los Angeles area, writer James Tynion IV.

DC Rebirth Detective Comics 934 James Tynion IV

DC Rebirth Detective Comics 934

James Tynion IV has become a really well known name in the comic book industry in the last few years, having written DC comic books like Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, John Constantin: Hellblazer, Detective Comics, Batman, Batman Eternal, as well as his own, critically acclaimed series from Boom Studios!, THE WOODS, which has been one of our stores favorite titles to promote! And now he’s helping DC Comics to re-launch Detective Comics with it’s original numbering restored and a really clever new premise for the series, below:


An unknown predator begins outdoing Batman, taking down dangerous threats with military precision. It’s up to the Dark Knight and series costar Batwoman to rally and train the young heroes of Gotham City to end this mysterious threat!

WHAT NOW: Batman and Batwoman begin training Spoiler, Red Robin and Cassandra Cain, but is the villainous Clayface ready for redemption?

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