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CRONE Signing with Dennis Culver, Justin Greenwood, Ramon Villalobos

CRONE is a brand new amazing comic book from Dark Horse Comics by a good friend of our stores, Dennis Culver (E for Extinction, Burnouts) and artist Justin Greenwood (The Last Siege, Stumptown). We were talking about doing a Release Signing for #1 and Dennis had an amazing idea of waiting for issue #2 because something VERY SPECIAL would be added to the book with issue #2.  His and artist Ramon Villalobos’ creation Romero Muerte would be added to the book as a backup BONUS feature, EXCLUSIVE to the serialized comic book version.  That’s how the idea for doing a signing with all 3 for issue #2 started.  Ramon is an amazing talent known for his work on Wildcats, E for Extinction (with Dennis) and the short lived but beautiful Border Town series at Vertigo. 

SO, what is CRONE?  Imagine female CONAN (not Red Sonja), add some Xena Warrior Princess,  Unforgiven and really cool dark art, and it’s a story of what happened to this once mighty protector that made her become an old crone, and what may bring her back.  The first issue is amazing and we hope that you check it out but also, stop by for this amazing event with a one VERY local and a couple of out-of-town talents on a great book. 

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