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Signature Series: Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees #1-6 Signed by Patrick Horvath Pre-Order!


 In the tranquil and welcoming little town of Woodbrook, humanoid animals happily live in harmony. This cute community isn’t quite as calming as it seems, though. On the surface, Samantha is the friendly face who owns and manages the hardware store. But beneath the surface lies something more terrifying. She visits the nearby city to let her violent urges loose and buries her victims in the woods… But what happens when the killing comes back to her harmonious home town and Samantha isn’t the only one unleashing her inner animal?

Commit to and pre-pay for the first storyline, issues #1-6 (at Cover Price), and ALL ISSUES will come signed, plus you will get a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY issued by Collector’s Paradise.

Ship Date:  Approx.  March 2024