SIGNATURE SERIES: PARIAH, MISSOURI OMNIBUS Signed by Andres Salazar (in stock)

PARIAH, MISSOURI OMNIBUS Signed by Creator/Writer Andres Salazar

Historical Fiction horror. In Antebellum Missouri, we follow the Pinkerton spy, Hiram as he tracks down a crime syndicate in the boomtown of Pariah, unknowingly allowing himself to become a pawn in their schemes for control of the supernatural. With the help of a motley crew, they track down the source of evil and why the soil is cursed. This 320-page omnibus collects the entire saga of the mysterious town, fully watercolor painted and illustrated. X-Files meets Deadwood.


Out of stock


Out of stock


7131 Winnetka Ave Canoga Park, CA
91306 818-999-9455
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319 S. Arroyo Prkwy Unit 4 Pasadena, CA 91105
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5118 Lankershim Blvd N. Hollywood, California 91601
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